Samsung Galaxy S23 will stick with same pricing after all

The Galaxy S23 from Samsung has yet to be announced, though leaked carrier info indicates the series will start at a price of $799, following last year’s model.

The Galaxy S23 series from Samsung is set to be announced on February 1. Prior to this, we’ve seen our fair share of leaks and rumored information indicating that the S23 series will come with a set of upgrades, specifically in the camera array.

While it was previously thought that the Galaxy S23 series would start at around $100 higher than it did last year, newly surfaced carrier leaks indicate that isn’t the case in the US. According to an official-looking spec sheet from Verizon, the Galaxy S23 is set to start at a price of $799.99 for the base model. Above that, the Galaxy S23+ looks to come in at $999.99, followed by the S23 Ultra at $1,199.99. All of these prices reflect the S22 series, which came in at the same MSRP values for each device.

Other than price, more rumors can be more or less confirmed based on the leaked image. For instance, the S23 is set to start with a 128GB base model paired with 8GB of RAM. The S23+ starts at 256GB with 8 GB of RAM – which is new – and the heavy-hitting S23 Ultra will begin at 256GB with 8GB of RAM as well. The S23 can be bumped to 256GB, while the S23+ and S23 Ultra will also come in a 512GB variant. The S23 Ultra’s larger storage variant comes paired with 12GB of RAM. Interestingly enough, the S23 Ultra comes with less RAM at 256GB+8GB than the S22 did at 256GB+12GB of RAM.

Samsung’s scheduled launch date is also visible. According to the leaked infographic from Verizon, the S23 series looks to be launching on February 17 at around 3:01am EST.

Assuming the above info is true, Samsung’s pricing model for the Galaxy S23 deserves a sigh of relief. With marginally better specs and components, the S23 lineup didn’t exactly warrant a $100 price hike. With the S23 coming in at $799, $999, and $1,199, it’ll be easier for those looking to pre-order to come to a decision.

Samsung’s reservation page is still open, which allows customers to sign up and have an S23 order set aside prior to the pre-order date of Feb 2 at 1pm EST.

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