Meet the Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Exclusive Class Details

IGN is pleased to exclusively reveal the five playable classes in Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game, the upcoming horror multiplayer title from the executive director of Friday The 13th: The Game.

In the video above you can meet the five playable Klowns: the Trapster, Tracker, Scout, Fighter, and Tank. A team of three of these Klowns will be able to cause chaos in multiplayer matches versus seven other players taking the role of humans in the town of Crescent Cove. Each Klown is equipped with a raygun that can encase humans in a cotton candy cocoon, the Klown Jump ability that allows them to jump to any point on the map previously discovered by the team, and the all-important healing laughter ability. In addition, each Klown has their own signature set of skills that makes them unique.


Based on Rudy from the Killer Klowns film, the Trapster is a trap-laying class designed to lock down humans and help other Klowns find them. His main weapon is the Jawbreaker Mace, which causes an explosion of popcorn on contact. When popcorn sticks to humans, all Klowns are able to see them through walls and on the map, and so the Trapster is able to tag enemies with every strike of the mace. He also has a deployable Popcorn Mine, which will also tag any human that runs over it. For a more grotesque trap option, he also has the Baby Klown, a disgusting larvae-like creature that latches on to humans and holds them in place.


Similar to the Trapster, the Tracker – inspired by Spikey from the movie – is able to use popcorn to highlight humans to the rest of the Klown team. Tracker has a Popcorn Bazooka for an explosive, long-range option, and the Balloon Dog that will point towards the nearest human. As for enemies that are trying to escape, Tracker can chase them down on foot thanks to being able to vault over obstacles, or instead hop in his Invisible Car, which can be driven around the outdoors areas of the map.


Jumbo the Scout is, as his name suggests, a scouting class designed to push beyond the frontlines and seek out enemies. He’s the only Klown who can use the Klown Jump to leap into previously unexplored territory, which makes him an ideal reconnaissance option. His Hypnotic Lure ability will draw humans towards him, or he can quickly move close to them by using Lackey Swap; a skill that instantly lets the Scout switch places with a nearby AI minion.


The Fighter is, as his name suggests, the straight-up combat class of the group. He’s armed with a pair of Boxing Gloves that can be used to pummel humans, and is the most agile of the group. But this Klown, based on Shorty from the movies, is more than just a brawler. His Pizza Box skill will be familiar to anyone who has played a prop hunt game, as it transforms him into a pizza box. Handy for a bit of stealth between the rough and tumble. Like Tracker, the Fighter is also able to quickly chase humans with a vehicle, but his Speedy Tricycle can also be used indoors, too.


The final class, inspired by Chubby from the movie, is the Tank. Armed with an Extendable Jawbreaker that can be charged up for increased range and power, the Tank is the most physically formidable Klown in the troupe. With his Sticky Bash ability he’s able to lay down a carpet of Cotton Candy that traps anyone caught within it, and the Rage Rush skill allows him to charge into enemies and bash through obstacles. The Tank is also able to reenact one of the film’s most memorable scenes: he’s can stick a straw into any human caught in a cotton candy cocoon and slurp them up to gain a temporary movement speed buff.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Features Editor.

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