Here's Why Nintendo Switch Gamers Should Jump On This eShop Gift Card Deal

Walmart is offering a $50 Nintendo eShop gift card for $45, a savings of 10% off. This is a digital download purchase, so you should receive your gift card almost instantly in your email inbox and it’s good for any and all digital purchases made through the Nintendo eShop, whether it be Nintendo Switch games, DLC, or a Switch Online membership.

$50 Nintendo eShop Gift Card for $45

If you’re consistently on the hunt for cheap digital Nintendo Switch games, then discounts on Nintendo eShop gift cards are normally the type of deals you don’t ever want to miss, for several important reasons.

Reason #1: Gift Card Discounts Are Stackable

Now that you’ve already saved $5 off your $50 gift card, you don’t have to use it immediately. The savvy deal hunter knows that you save your gift card for the next big Nintendo eShop Sale, which always happens at least a few times a year. That includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Mario Day (March 10), a summer event, E3, and a few other days I’ve probably missed. When the game you’re eyeing has dropped in price during one of those sales, it’s your chance to use this gift card to stack the savings.

Reason #2: Digital Games Aren’t Discounted As Often

Physical disc copies are on sale more often than digital games. One of the main reasons is that stores have to periodically clear out existing inventory, whether that’s due to supply or demand, or in anticipation of a future release game. Since there’s no such thing as a “surplus” of digital game inventory, many of the reasons that convince merchants to drop prices on physical games don’t apply to digital games. So, if you’re intent on building a digital library, then you’ll want to target your deals a little bit more aggressively.

Reason #3: A $50 Gift Card Is Enough to Buy a Discounted AAA Game

Ideally you don’t want to wait an egregious amount of time to play a new release game, but at the same time who wants to pay $60 for one game? We’ve found that buying new $59.99 AAA games at a discounted price of $39.99 is a solid compromise. Most games drop down to this price point within a year. With taxes, that’s a little under $45.

Reason #3: eShop Gift Cards Don’t Expire

Once you’ve spent money on an eShop gift card, you’ll never lose it. There’s also no extraneous fees to worry about. That means that as long as you remain a Switch gamer who wants to try out new games, you’ll know that you’ll eventually use the funds you invested.

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