Don’t Miss Destiny 2’s Wild Lightning Motion Shader, No Iron Banner Grind Required

I do not know what Destiny 2’s shader team has been drinking this year, but I want some. Something appears to have been unlocked within the tech of Destiny 2 to create shaders that are so cool in terms of texture and animation, they could almost be classified as exotic compared to past ones.

I remember thinking how wild it was that there was some slight movement in things like the old Black Armor shaders. But now? We’re getting wooden textures, gemstone textures, chainmail textures and a whole bunch of different animations including a new shader this week that may be one of the best we’ve ever seen.

The new shader is called Sinking Feeling. There are no backflips required to get it. No Crucible ranks to gain (like the blood spatter shader from last season) no insane Iron Banner grind (like the chainmail shader from this month). You just buy the thing for 300 Bright Dust in the Eververse shop.

While in static form, it looks like a cool glowy teal/blue pattern, you really have to see it in motion. On certain material, namely some types of metal and cloth, there is a lighting storm effect that cracks through the armor periodically.

Besides that, it also does cool things with glows. It creates a sort of thunderstorm flash effect, rotating through different shades of blue, occasionally going bright in a way that feels like a lightning strike. It’s really neat.

And then, one more thing, I believe on leather material, it gives it a sort of rain-spattered effect, which is also neat:

Part of me is a little bit sad I just did the massive Iron Banner grind for the chainmail shader, and now I suddenly want to throw this thing on instead, but hey, I can use both in the future, as that’s the good part about permanent unlocks.

The not-good part about the way Destiny 2 does shaders is that if you miss them, it’s likely you may never get a chance to get them again. In these cases, both with the chainmail shader and the lightning shader, it’s unlikely they’re be available after this season at all. While I cannot recommend the Iron Banner grind for everyone, I can certainly tell you to get to the shop this week for the best 300 Bright Dust you’ll ever spend on this easier-to-get shader. You won’t regret it.

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