Last updated: January 18th, 2023 at 00:03 UTC+01:00

In the modern world, smartphones have become integral to people’s daily lives. Over 2 billion people use mobile devices every day to connect with family and friends, play games, browse the web, watch online content, track their health, set up appointments, place orders, book tickets, plan their travels, and the list goes on. And Samsung is aware of its responsibility as the top Android phone manufacturer.

TM Roh, the head of Samsung’s mobile business, teased the upcoming Unpacked event and shared a bit more about the company’s vision. Giving us a preview of what’s to come on February 1, TM Roh said that the upcoming Galaxy S trio “has extended our innovation heritage by doubling down on our fundamentals.”

According to Roh, the Galaxy S23 series’s pro-grade camera got smarter and will offer the best experience among all other Galaxy smartphones. The hardware and software have been highly optimized, and performance was redefined through Samsung’s “open partnership philosophy,” i.e., the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. The head of the mobile division says that the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in particular, is “a marque that stands out against everything else.”

Enhanced durability and reliability for a more sustainable future

Many people choose Samsung because they want to buy products from a reliable brand, and the company is aware of its responsibility. As a global tech giant, Samsung is committed to combatting climate change and supporting sustainability.

To this end, Samsung has developed long-lasting devices that incorporate a multitude of philosophies. Samsung is using more recycled materials for manufacturing non-critical components. It has more open collaborations with like-minded partners. It offers better software support, as well as enhanced durability and reliability for its devices, giving customers the option to hold on to their products for much longer than before.

Samsung promises a “premium experience without compromise” this year. The company says it will reveal “how innovation and sustainability working together brings the ultimate premium experience” at the next Unpacked on February 1, where it will unveil the Galaxy S23 series and the Galaxy Book 3 lineups. Both can already be reserved through the company’s website, and early adopters get rewarded.

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