A new display folding mechanism could be superior to Samsung’s current implementation

As the long-rumored Google foldable inches closer to what we can only hope is a big, official unveiling, more and more leaks have started to surface. Until now, we had only seen the Google Pixel Fold in some CAD-based renders, and while they did reveal how it the phone will possibly look, they didn’t give us much insight into the real experience of operating the device — perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to foldables. Thankfully, a video hands-on with a dummy unit has now given us a better idea of what to expect from using the Pixel Fold.


Early smartphone mockups are common in the industry, mainly serving as a way for case manufacturers to get their offerings ready ahead of a product’s launch. Typically, their dimensions are accurate to sub-millimeter tolerances to ensure a perfect fit, so they can be fantastic indicators of the final product’s design and dimensions. Tech YouTuber Dave Lee (aka Dave2D) got his hands on a mockup of the Pixel Fold, seeming to reveal quite a lot about the Google foldable.


Right off the bat, you’ll notice the Pixel Fold mockup looks closer to the Oppo Find N2 than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in terms of its overall form factor. Unlike Samsung’s comically tall and narrow aspect ratio, Google’s offering has a wider cover screen more in line with traditional phones. Moreover, the Pixel Fold seems like it could be unbelievably thin when opened — this model measures just 5.7mm at its thinnest point and 8.7mm with the camera bump included. We just hope that any slimming doesn’t severely impact battery life.

But the more important piece of information to come out of this leak is the Pixel Fold’s new folding mechanism — one that should help minimize the visible display crease. The inner screen will have a gentler fold angle thanks to a hinge design similar to the Oppo Find N. With this mechanism, the Pixel Fold will be able to completely shut without leaving any gap between the two halves, unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Even Samsung is now rumored to adopt a similar hinge design for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 after using its trusted fold mechanism for four generations.


Lee shares some additional specs about the Pixel Fold, including the display size, resolution, and exactly how thick the top and bottom bezels of the inner display are. Everything matches what we’ve been hearing so far, except for one thing: the front camera. This mockup doesn’t have any marking for a selfie shooter on the cover display, while all previous leaks have shown a centered hole-punch camera. That just could be the nature of this model, though, and time will tell what Google’s ultimate plans for the Pixel Fold are.

Cutting back on common hardware sure wouldn’t do the Pixel Fold any favors, especially considering how Google is rumored to launch its first foldable at around $1,800 — though Lee does mention a lower price of $1,700 in the video. Either figure would make this one of the most expensive picks among the best Android flagships, including Samsung foldables. The company will likely unveil the Pixel Fold alongside the Pixel 8 in the second half of the year, but we hope to get an official sneak peek at it during this year’s Google I/O.

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