We have a very interesting transit on January 18, 2023, which acts like an engine. 

Paired with this astrological energy, we can add power to whatever we focus on today. We are working with the strange and mystical transit called the Sun conjunct Pluto, and depending on what we’re ‘into’ today, we may get way more than we counted on.

This transit can expand on whatever emotions are floating around in our heads, which might not be a good thing for those of us who are either depressed or already overly worried about something.

On January 18, we need to try and temper our emotions to the best of our ability because if we are, for some reason, feeling bad about life or this and that, today’s transit, the Sun conjunct Pluto will work just as hard to make it all seem so much worse.

Today works like anxiety: it comes on without rhyme or reason and can’t be made sense. It just IS, and with the Sun conjunct Pluto backing ‘IT’ up, we’re up for a wild ride today.

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Luckily, we will keep this information to ourselves, meaning this isn’t the kind of day that comes with insulating other people or even wanting to be far away from them; instead, it’s a private journey into a personal hell-scape, and while three zodiac signs in astrology won’t be able to avoid it, it is a temporary state and can be worked with.

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