Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger's search warrants unsealed

Washington State University Police recovered a possibly blood-stained mattress cover, human hairs, a glove and a computer from University of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger’s apartment, according to a search warrant unsealed in Washington Court on Wednesday.

Police executed a search warrant at the 28-year-old Ph.D student’s residence and office at Washington State University in Pullman on Dec. 29, the same day as Pennsylvania police and a SWAT team had raided his parents house and taken him into custody in the early hours of the morning.

According to the search warrant, the Washington State University Police also seized two cuttings from an uncased pillow with a “reddish/brown stain,” one “nitrite type black glove,” eight possible hair strands, a possible animal hair strand and other evidence including possible blood stains, which were sent to a lab for testing, which could all potenitally link Kohberger to the crime scene.

Police also found shoes with diamond-pattern soles — matching footprints found at the murder scene — as well as “data compilations” of information about the victims.

Kohberger was subsequently charged with masterminding and carrying out the vicious Nov. 13 killing spree in Moscow, Idaho — a ten minute drive from his residence — which saw four defenseless students knifed to death as they slept.

The FBI had earlier trailed Kohberger as he drove from Washington to his home state with his father for the holidays. Once there detectives staked him out and collected a sample of DNA from the family’s trash which matched DNA found on a knife sheath left at crime scene, which gave the police the last piece of evidence they needed to issue an arrest warrant.

Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger
Paul Martinka

It was later revealed police said they had zeroed in on Kohberger after identifying a car near the crime scene, which matched the description of his own car, a Hyundai Elantra, which he also used to drive back to Pennsylvania. They then obtained phone records which placed him at the location of the murders on at least 12 occasions.

Here’s the latest coverage on the brutal killings of four college friends:

The warrant the Washington University police prepared, which was signed off on by a judge, listed the things they were looking for which included: Blood, or other bodily fluid or human tissue or skin cells, or items with those on them; knives, sheaths, or other sharp tools including any dagger, dirk, or sword, images of the victims, their roommates and their home, clothes and data devices such as computers or phones which could contain information about the victims or plans for murder.

State Police Forensics Unit leave with bags of evidence from Bryan Koehberger's apartment at WSU.
State Police Forensics Unit leave with bags of evidence from Bryan Koehberger’s apartment at WSU.
Kevin C. Downs for NY Post
Moscow student victims
Kohberger is charged with brutally stabbing four students to death on November 13 at their Moscow home.

Kohberger has now been charged with four counts of murder over the deaths. Best friends Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, both 21, were stabbed while in the same bed on the third floor of their house, while Xana Kernodle and boyfriend Ethan Chapin, both 20, were killed in a bedroom on the second floor of the property.

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