Ana Walshe's COVID Vaccine Card Found in Trash: Prosecutors
  • Investigators found Ana Walshe’s COVID-19 vaccine card in a trash bag. 
  • The bag was found at an apartment complex where her husband Brian Walshe’s mother lived.
  • Brian Walshe has been charged with murder in connection to his missing wife, Ana Walshe.

Investigators found a Prada purse, Hunter boots, and a COVID-19 vaccination card believed to belong to missing Massachusetts woman Ana Walshe in trash bags her husband is accused of disposing of at his mother’s apartment complex in the days after his wife went missing, prosecutors alleged during a court hearing Wednesday.

Brian Walshe, 47, was charged with murder during an arraignment in Quincy court on Wednesday, in connection to his wife’s disappearance. While Ana Walshe’s body has still not been found, prosecutors reeled off a long list of information to a judge on Wednesday that leads them to believe Brian Walshe “dismembered and discarded her body.”

Investigators obtained several trash bags that Brian Walshe is accused of throwing in the dumpster at his mother’s apartment complex, prosecutors said. 

Prosecutors said items in the 10 recovered trash bags were covered in dark stains that looked like blood. 

Inside the bags, prosecutors said that investigators found blood-stained towels, rags, slippers, and tape, along with cleaning agents, carpets, and rugs. 

Prosecutors said that some of the items appear consistent with those Brian Walshe bought at Home Depot, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods on January 2 and January 4. 

DNA blood testing on the items was “consistent” with Ana and Brian Walshe’s DNA, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Brian Walshe didn’t formally report his wife missing until police showed up at the family’s rented home in Cohasset on January 4 to conduct a welfare check, after Ana Walshe’s Washington, DC-based employer said she didn’t show up for work. 

At the time, police observed a Volvo in the driveway, with the seats down in the back, covered in a plastic liner. 

Walshe told investigators that he last saw his wife the morning of January 1, when she took an Uber or a Lyft to the airport to travel to DC for work. But prosecutors said no Ubers or Lyfts came to the house in the time frame Walshe mentioned. 

Prosecutors also sharedseveral suspicious internet searches that Walshe made on his son’s iPad between January 1 and 3, including “will baking soda make a dead body smell good” and “can you identify a body with broken teeth.” 

Walshe was already in police custody when they issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday, accusing him of Ana’s murder. Walshe was previously arrested on January 8 on a charge of misleading police. 

After his second arraignment on Wednesday, the judge ordered Walshe held without bail.  

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