Warhammer 40K Next Week: The Astra Militarum Roll Out

Call them Astra Militarum, call them Imperial Guard, just don’t call them out of ammo. Next week, the Astra Militarum are out in force!

Everyone’s favorite Guardians of the Imperium, the Astra Militarum, are rolling out in a big way as part of next week’s pre-order releases. With heavy artillery, battle tanks, bigger battle tanks, more battle tanks, and some soldiers as well, the Astra Militarum is ready to bring heavy firepower to the enemies of the Emperor.

Also Necromunda gets a couple of cool looking models. But first, the Militarum!

Astra Militarum Roll Out For Pre-Order

Starting everything off is a brand new codex for the Astra Militarum. With updated rules and lore, this book help you explain to your friends as you put down your new mini that no, you’re not actually playing Age of Sigmar.

The Lord Solar Leontus might look and sound like an Age of Sigmar model. But he’s actually a Warhammer 40K guy riding on a cyberhorse! And the fact that there’s just straight up, a horse, should be the deadest giveaway that Leontus is from the grim darkness of the distant future.

Joining him, the Lord Castellan Ursula Creed. She is the daughter of Ursarkr “Bet you didn’t think I could hide a Baneblade here” Creed. And will soon be a powerful leader on your tabletop.

Cadian Shock troops get some amazing new minis. In fact, Cadians of all stripes are looking better than ever, despite the whole “planet getting destroyed” thing.

If the Astra Militarum is all about one thing, it’s about heavy firepower applied constantly. These new heavy weapons teams are a great way to start.

Or go even bigger with the Field Ordnance Batteries, which come in packs of two with three options each: malleus rocket launcher, heavy lascannon, or bombast field gun.

Or put your heavy firepower on legs with new Sentinels.

Tanking One For The Team

Better still, put everything on treads. Because the battletanks of the Astra Militarum get the job done. And they come by the dozens. Whether it’s the mighty Baneblade. Or the iconic Leman Russ.

Or the new Rogal Dorn Battletank, which splits the difference between the two.

And providing support for all of these? The Primaris Psyker, finally unleashed from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, available on its own for the first time.

Necromunda Newcomers

Necromunda also gets a spate of new models in next week’s pre-orders. Starting with the Mercator Pallidus Corpse Harvesting Party up there. These are tasked with gathering raw materials for the Corpse Guild and it’s best not to think any further about that.

Grab some demo experts in the hands of new hired guns Rex Spirs and Estus Jet, who bring a lot of character to the Underhive. Character and explosives.

Finally, Ajex Gorgoth, Lord of the Fist, who needs no commentary.

All this, next week!


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