The One Common Charging Mistake That Is Actually So Bad For Your iPhone Battery, According To Experts

It’s hard to find an iPhone owner who isn’t making at least one common charging mistake because, let’s face it, it’s just SO easy to hook your phone up to any cheap charger you can snag from Amazon and leave it charging while you sleep. But all of that convenience may come with a price you aren’t willing to pay: namely, a battery that over time becomes less effective and won’t charge as fast or as well. Tech Expert Jayant Gosain at The TechToys outlines some of the most common charging mistakes and how to fix them. 

Mistake: Overnight Charging

A lot of people leave their phones on charge overnight and unplug it in the morning only, according to Gosain. “This might look like a good idea but actually, it’s not. This practice is eating the phone’s capacity and sooner they will see swollen battery, a sudden drop in the battery percentage, the battery not charging after a certain level & heating issues. This is simply because the battery comes with a fixed number of charging cycles and charging the battery to 100% means completing one charging cycle.”

The Fix: “If phone is running out of battery, put it on charge one hour before bedtime or just remove the charger once it reaches 95% battery level,” Gosain said. “Or simply try not to leave the phone for overnight charging too often. Sometimes are still acceptable. Also, don’t use [your] phone while it is charging.”

Mistake: Setting Higher Resolution of Display

The latest smartphones are coming up with high-resolution displays which definitely give a sharper, crispier display experience but what Gosain points out that what companies don’t tell us is that it also affects the phone’s battery. “Higher resolution means more pixels to lighten up and render, which means more power consumption that ultimately increases the charging cycle,” Gosain said. “In some cases, it can also lead to heating issues on the display and battery.”

The Fix: “If the phone’s manufacturer allows you to change the screen resolution, set it to Full HD resolution instead of QHD+ or UHD 4K,” Gosain said. “This will significantly improve the phone’s battery life in daily routine as well as in the long run.”

Mistake: Leaving Apps Running in Background

“Another mistake that is very common, especially among older age groups is keeping apps running in the background,” Gosain said. “A running app silently consumes the phone’s battery and it will end up having low battery backup. In daily routine life, it is still fine but if they are somewhere out and without having access to a power outlet, this will drain the battery rapidly and the phone will turn off pretty quickly than usual.”

The Fix: The fix is simple: turn off all of those apps running in the background. “Believe me, it is not going to take longer,” Gosain said. “Simply clear all the apps which are running in the background. Android phones come with the ‘Clear All’ option and with a single tap, it will turn off all the running apps. iPhone users need to do it one by one but it totally worth the time.”

Mistake: Using Cheap After-Market Adapters

We all want to save some money and Apple accessories aren’t cheap, but using an after-market charging brick or adapter can ruin your battery, according to Gosain. “The modern day’s fast charging adapters are expensive and we have cheaper options available but those cheap adapters will give even higher expenses in the future in form of battery issues,” Gosain said. “Moreover, these cheap after-market adapters are not built specifically built for your phone’s battery and motherboard. Any surge in the electricity can easily ruin the phone’s battery or even motherboard. An issue like slow charging is also associated with this mistake.”

The Fix: “If due to any reason someone is looking to buy a new power adapter for their iPhone or Android, it is advised to get the genuine original one,” Gosain said. “If you cannot afford it yet, get a branded, certified adapter from a good brand. Don’t buy the generic cheap adapter just to save a few bucks.”

These are the most common charging mistakes you’ll encounter with your iPhone, but by making just a few adjustments, you can help prolong the life of your battery and device. 

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