Jmcrofts releases the 'REAL' top 10 fighting games of all time list

It’s actually just his 10 favorite fighting games, but there are some very solid choices here

IGN recently released a video featuring what they feel are the top 10 fighting games of all time, and some folks in the fighting game community were left scratching their heads a bit. Before them, Watch Mojo released a similar video list with choices that were even further off the mark, and both have gotten quite a lot of attention in the FGC as a result.

Fighting game content creator Jmcrofts, in response to these two lists, put together his own list of the top 10 fighting games of all time — a list he’s calling the “REAL” list. In actuality, it’s a list of his 10 favorite fighting games and a breakdown of why each one is great, and FGC heads might find this list to be more accurate than the other two that came before it (even though it’s not a definitive list).

“This is going to be my personal opinion list of the top 10 fighting games of all time,” Jmcrofts begins. “It’s going to be very biased. I’m not trying to do any kind of objective, this is the true best games ever made. No. I’m doing the 10 games I like most.”

With all of that having been said, Jmcrofts begins with King of Fighters 15. Though he acknowledges that many in the FGC would likely place KOF13 on their lists, it’s KOF15’s improved online, easier barrier of entry, and Jmcroft’s personal dedication to the game that lands it at #10 on the list.

One classic fighting title that was strangely omitted from both WatchMojo and IGN’s best fighting games list was none other than Capcom vs. SNK 2. This fan-favorite was surprising to see left out, but Jmcrofts has rectified that by placing it as his #3.

Outside of this game being really fun, what’s cited here is the reward players get for using classic Street Fighter techniques such as footsies, patience, and resource management. There’s also a ton of depth to the game thanks to the Groove system and how it alters a character’s playstyle, which helped secure its spot at #3.

You can check out the full list of Jmcroft’s top 10 fighting games of all time below. Be sure to let us know if you agree with the choices or not in the comments.

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