What is energy leakage? Let me explain.

It sabotages your happiness. You may feel tired mentally, physically, or emotionally. Perhaps you feel listless, unfulfilled, unmotivated, or passionless. Also, feelings of confusion, frustration, or being stuck appear in some areas of your life.

Sometimes, even if you’re in a good mood, things can shift on a dime which can be disconcerting. All of these situations can dramatically affect your level of happiness.

What’s really happening when you leak energy?

Everyone has their own vibrant life force energy, which is also called prana or life force. On any given day, you have opportunities to take in energy and expend it as well, which is completely normal.

The simplest way of explaining energy leakage is that more energy drains out than comes in — causing an imbalance and a feeling of being depleted. This happens when there are situations in your life that are not the best for you or cause you to overextend yourself.

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Here are nine things that cause energy leakage.

1.  Lack of sleep or illness.

Obviously, getting enough sleep is essential for good health since that is when your body does its healing and replenishing of energy. When you are tired or under the weather, your energy is not at its strongest.

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