DJ Paul is clarifying his prior comments about Gangsta Boo’s funeral, where he said he’d paid for the services and explained why he was absent.

In a statement to TMZ on Monday (January 16), the Three 6 Mafia rapper added the other major names who helped foot the bill for Boo’s funeral. He also noted how “bothersome” it was to address naysayers at all about such a negative topic.

“The fact that I had to even address negative things being said behind the scenes is really bothersome,” DJ Paul said. “I spearheaded the planning and paid for the majority of Boo’s funeral. Others reached out to assist as their way of showing Boo love. It was only right to include them, as we all loved Boo.

“I have previously stated why I did not attend the funeral and this is exactly why, as I think bringing the attention is not appropriate,” he continued. “Boo and my relationship was ours alone, she knew (and knows) where my heart was in it. I don’t have to explain that to anybody.”

According to the report, fellow Memphis legends among the likes of Juicy J, 8Ball & MJG and more also pitched in to pay for the services.

DJ Paul’s original comments arrived in a since-deleted Instagram video on Sunday morning (January 15) after he was being called out online for not attending Gangsta Boo’s funeral service the day prior in Southaven, Mississippi.

“Lemme explain something to y’all bitch ass n-ggas out there who got something to say about me not coming to Boo funeral,” he started. “N-gga, I paid for the funeral, hoe! I’m on muthafuckin’ tour and even if I wasn’t, I don’t do funerals, n-gga!

“The last time I was at a funeral, it wasn’t nothing but a bunch of groupie ass muthafuckin’ n-ggas up in that muthafucka.”

He continued: “Boo know how much I loved her, I know how much she loved me, n-gga. I ain’t got nothin’ to prove to none of you punk-ass, groupie-ass n-ggas up in there.”

Paul went on to remind those who had something to say about his absence that, were it not for him, many might not even have been aware of Gangsta Boo’s talents.

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“Cuz it wouldn’t be nothin but about four or five muthafuckas in there if it wasn’t for who I created. N-gga, what I created,” he said. “The teenage girl I found. N-gga, I’m the one that wrote ‘Where Dem Dollas At’ hook, n-gga. I’m the one who was writing and producing that shit. Yeah she did her verses, she did some hooks. Juicy [J] was doing beats, he was doing hooks. But I discovered her, n-gga! I went to school with her, she went to school with me.”

Gangsta Boo died at the age of 43 on January 1 in her hometown of Memphis.

While DJ Paul was not in attendance at her service, hundreds of mourners including GloRilla, Drumma Boy, La Chat, Memphitz and more were present to pay their respects.

TMZ reports that a Gangsta Boo posthumous album is now in the works, in addition to other “special” projects.

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