Walker defends his ‘legit’ police badges after debate stunt

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Sunday said the police badge he flashed on Friday during a debate with Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) is a “real badge” given to him by a police officer and that he carries it with him “all the time.”

Walker told NBC’s Kristen Welker that he has badges from counties across Georgia.

“This is from my hometown. This is from Johnson County from the sheriff from Johnson County, which is a legit badge,” Walker said, showing Welker the badge. “If anything happened in this county, I have the right to work with the police in getting things done.”

“People don’t know that I’ve been working with law enforcement for years,” he added. “I do training programs … I do health and wellness programs. I visit prisons.”

Asked if the badge deputized him with arresting powers, Walker admitted it was an “honorary badge.”

“But they can call me whenever they want me and I have the authority to do things for them,” the Senate candidate said.

During Friday’s debate, Walker stunned the audience when he flashed what looked like a prop police badge after Warnock criticized him for having “pretended to be a police officer” in the past.

The GOP candidate was scolded by the debate moderator, who reminded him that props weren’t allowed at the debate — but Walker insisted it was real.

Walker has repeatedly claimed he trained as an FBI Agent in Quantico, Va., and that he has worked directly with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported in June that Walker has never been a certified officer or FBI agent and that Cobb County has no record backing up Walker’s claims.

The Johnson County sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook that Walker was made an honorary sheriff’s deputy for his “dedication to law enforcement and commitment to public safety.”

“Hershel is one of the best ambassadors for law enforcement in this country,” the statement said, adding that Sheriff Greg Rowland endorsed Walker’s Senate run.

Walker told NBC that “More sheriffs have supported Herschel Walker in Georgia than any candidate running today.”

The Hill has reached out the Cobb County sheriff’s office about Walker’s remarks.

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