Pixel Watch bands are already out of stock and delayed

The Pixel Watch uses a proprietary system for its bands which requires you to purchase bands from Google or its partners, at least for now. But on launch day, many Pixel Watch bands are delayed heavily or out of stock.

Google launched the Pixel Watch with around 20 different band designs, including everything from “Active” silicone to some fancier leather designs. Google is also launching some metal bands at a later date, and for a hefty cost.

But if you were waiting for your Pixel Watch to arrive to pick up extra bands, you might be waiting a while.

The Google Store appears to be out of stock or delayed on several different band designs. Existing orders also seem to be delayed. We ordered a Pixel Watch with a stretch band and a woven band, and Google marked the order as “delayed” with an estimate of late October solely because of the stretch band. The Watch and woven band arrived today.

Update 10/16: After showing heavy delays and out of stock notices for various band options, Google has restocked nearly every Pixel Watch band in its store.

From leather to stretch, we’re currently seeing all bands in stock and shipping within a week or so. Your region may vary on timing. The only band we’re currently seeing still out of stock is the linen two-tone leather band.

If you were hoping to pick up a new band, act fast!

Here’s the situation at the Google Store based on our location in North Carolina as of October 13. Based on years past, these timelines may vary based on your location, especially if you’re in another country.

Results as of October 13:

Active Band

  • Lemongrass – Nov. 12-29
  • Charcoal – Oct. 21-28
  • Obsidian – Nov. 12-29
  • Chalk – Oct. 22-26
  • Hazel – Oct. 22-26

Woven Band

  • Ivy – Waitlist only
  • Lemongrass – Waitlist only
  • Coral – Oct. 27-Nov. 3

Crafted Leather

  • Ivy (small) – Nov. 2-10
  • Ivy (large) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (small) – Oct. 27-Nov. 3
  • Obsidian (large) – Waitlist only

Two-tone Leather

  • Linen (small & large) – Waitlist only
  • Charcoal (small & large) – Waitlist only
  • Chalk (small & large) – Waitlist only


  • Linen (XS) – Waitlist only
  • Linen (S) – Nov. 11-23
  • Linen (M) – Waitlist only
  • Linen (L) – Waitlist only
  • Linen (XL) – Waitlist only
  • Rose (XS) – Nov. 5-14
  • Rose (S) – Waitlist only
  • Rose (M) – Nov. 2-10
  • Rose (L) – Waitlist only
  • Rose (XL) – Nov. 2-10
  • Obsidian (XS) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (S) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (M) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (L) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (XL) – Waitlist only

Meanwhile, Best Buy is also selling select Pixel Watch bands with quicker turnaround times. However, the retailer doesn’t have the same selection as Google. Only the “Active” and “Woven” bands are available through the retailer, but they’re shipping much faster for the most part. All versions are currently available for either delivery or in-store pickup as soon as October 17 or 18, but we’re guessing that will soon change.

9to5Google’s Take

The stock issues Google is facing already, only a week after pre-orders opened, just goes to show that the proprietary route is only going to cause headaches for Pixel Watch buyers. It’s honestly a little shocking that Google didn’t work with any of its partners, many of which create Apple Watch bands, to offer some third-party options.

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