10 Parenting Tips Our Parents Gave To Us That Aren’t True Anymore

Parenting has evolved as the years have gone on, and being a mom looks different now than it did when our own mothers had us when we were young. Science is always changing, and this means that researchers are constantly learning new things about how everything works, and this includes child development.

This means that even though we may think that our mothers did a great job raising us, their advice may be a bit outdated. What they are suggesting we do maybe a bit “old,” and there is likely evidence that these pearls of wisdom are just not true anymore.

This means that mom may need to take parenting advice, from anyone, with a grain of salt. It is not just her mother that wants to give advice, it could be anyone that she runs into. It is important to be aware of what advice is not true anymore, and we have 10 examples of this to share.

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10/10 The Drink To Cure All

It may seem off, but years ago, it was thought that chocolate milk was the ultimate health drink for children. According to RedBookMag, this was often advised to be given to children who were ill, and that bread and butter should be given with it. While chocolate milk is a great treat once in a while, it is not considered the super health drink it once was.

9/10 Early Bedtime

Every parent likes an early bedtime because it is more free time for mom and dad, but bedtimes have been pushed back a bit later. It may have been advised that children go to bed as early as 5:30 in the evening, and they were expected to sleep all the way through. This may work for some families, but families that have both parents working and getting home at this time.

8/10 Don’t Be Angry

Some parenting advice is geared towards mom, and not the children. According to Buzzfeed, mothers were told that they could not get angry because this may be the cause of their child having more tantrums, and if they were nursing it would give their baby colic. While mothers need to make sure they are in control of their emotions, their anger is not doing what the old advice claims.

7/10 Natural Remedies

According to Today’s Parent, there is no shortage of home remedies that parents used, and while some may have died out, there are still some that are being circulated. Kerosene (yes, you read that right) was recommended for a child who had a common cold. If you receive this piece of advice, it is best to educate the person giving it to you.

6/10 The Toxic Thumb

An old piece of advice for parents who have children who suck their thumbs was to put hot sauce, or something called ‘Quinine’ on their nails to prevent them from sucking it. While this may still be done by some parents, it is not advised and quinine is a toxic drug, and should never be used in this manner.

5/10 Don’t Hug Them

This is a piece of advice that has trickled down through time, and it is one of the most shocking. It was said that parents should not give their children too many hugs or kisses, because it was said to “spoil them.” It was actually advised that parents give their children a firm handshake to praise them for a job well done.

4/10 Headache Cure

This is one of the oddest pieces of advice, and it can be considered one of those “old wives’ tales,” that still circulates. When it came to treating a child’s headache, parents may be advised to give their child a “hot colonic flushing,” and that is exactly what it sounds like. Time and information have now gone on to show that this does not actually do anything for a headache, and some rest and Tylenol may be a much better option.

3/10 Ignore Your Child

Any mother knows that her children can be very demanding, but the official advice that used to be given was to completely ignore them. While mom may want to do that, it is not advised to ignore your child when they are crying or when they ask for something. It may do more harm to their emotional well-being.

2/10 Don’t Put A Hat On Them

Parents used to be told not to place a hat on their young child’s head, and that was because it was said to make them bald. This information may still be given out, but it is not true. Babies, toddlers, and young children need a hat when they are outside to protect them from the sun. They are a vital part of outdoor protection.

1/10 More Sucking Thumb Solutions

It seems like parents were really concerned with thumb-sucking, and there was no shortage of advice on how to deal with it. One piece of advice for parents of older children who had thumb suckers was to physically retrain their arms so that they could not do it. This is clearly not advised, and it is not a good way to handle this habit.

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