Minecraft 1.20 will bring the heat adding new camel mob, skins, and more

Mojang revealed what the upcoming Minecraft update will bring to the game during this year’s Minecraft Live. Unlike the previous major updates, the 1.20 update has not been named, but that does not make it any less hype worthy.

To start things off, Minecraft will now have seven additional default skins available: Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri. Mojang has expressed that they hope this will allow more players to feel represented in the game, without immediately feeling like they have to get a custom skin. They have also stated that they have plans to characterize them as they have done with Steve and Alex.

Image via Minecraft

The 1.20 update also heralds the arrival of a brand new theme of wood craftables — bamboo. Along with the wave of new skins, Mojang’s efforts to increase the representation in the game has finally given us bamboo doors, planks and trapdoors.

Additionally, instead of the traditional wooden boats, players will be able to craft rafts out of bamboo. These function the same as a regular boat, but have a more ‘open’ appearance. Like boats, these rafts will also be able to hold 2 people, making it possible to ferry friends and mobs alike around your world.

Image via Minecraft

Speaking of crafting, Mojang has also added a new variant of signs — hanging signs. Crafted with regular signs and chains, these new signs will definitely be popular with builders as it gives them a new variety of ways to express their creativity. Players will be able to vary the orientation of the chains based on the block the signs are hanging on.

Image via Minecraft

Another major addition is the chiselled bookshelf block. These interactable blocks can hold 1-6 books, making them a convenient and aesthetically pleasing storage option. As seen in the demo video, the bookshelves work with Redstone, meaning that you will be able to create the secret library passage of your dreams.

Image via Minecraft

Finally, we have the camel. A desert-dwelling friendly mob that has the capacity to carry 2 people, the camel is a great mount for traversing the desert, as Mojang states that certain mobs will not be able to attack a player while they are riding a camel. Camels will also have a special dash movement feature, allowing them to clear rivers and even ravines, when timed right. Mojang has also confirmed that players will be able to breed camels by feeding them cacti.

While there is no confirmed release date for the new snapshot, Mojang has stated that it will be available in a few days. In the meantime, you can check out the Minecraft Live 2022 recap here, or watch the stream here.

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